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Sulkava High school is the best high school in Southern Savo- area year 2022 and 2023!!

Choosing the entrepreneurial line of study offers you a unique opportunity to plan your own business, to brand it – even to make it happen in reality! The entrepreneurial line consists of nine special courses during which you learn many things about starting your own business, you meet interesting business people and travel around Finland.

Sulkava High School, students about 30-40
Sulkava Comprehensive School is in same building, about 190 pupils.
School days 8.50-15.00 (16.15)
5 periods in one school year.
75 minutes lessons.

We provide you with all books and materials and a laptop, a warm meal on school days and free health care, school social worker and school psycholigist. International students have own student counselor to help with different types of things like DVV and banks.

Students also get free access to the gym.

Everything is possible! Come and join us!

Programme structure

Below you can read more about our entrepreneurship studies:

YR1 Active Young 2op
Encourages courage and creativity. Helps you identify your strengths and be inspired by entrepreneurship.

YR2 Customer is always right? 2op
The challenges and opportunities of future customer service. Identify your strengths as a customer service representative.

YR3 From idea to action 2op
From idea to project, when you have an idea, then make it happen.

YR4 From vision to enterprise 2op
Gives you the ability to start your own business.

YR5 From idea to success 2op
We learn how to brand and market through our own company.

YR6 Business consultation 2op
Let’s refine your business idea into a viable company.

YR7 In practice 2op
Let’s get to know the entrepreneur’s diverse job description as the leader of his/her own company.

YR8 Young Leader 2op
You will learn about leadership by meeting the leaders of major companies and hearing their stories on the way to the top.

YR9 My case 2op
The course brings together the issues of entrepreneurship line studies completed throughout upper secondary school. The final work of the course is the My case portfolio, in which one’s own entrepreneurship path is opened by reflecting on one’s own work and learning.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment