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Programme structure

We provide the general study line, with the following special studies:

Physical education/Sports – you can during every year of study take extra studies in physical education. This study program is a unique cooperation project between our school and the Finnish high school in the city. This means that students from both these schools can participate in these studies. You can take at most 10 courses in physical education during your study time.

Music – if you are interested in music you have an opportunity to enlarge your knowledge in song and instruments or music production and sound technology. The music study program is organized in cooperation with the folk high school Lappfjärds Folkhögskola which has educated many skillful and competent musicians over the years. Our students have access to a high technology music studio in word class. You can take at most 10 courses in music during your study time.

Economy and entrepreneurship – if you would like to start an own company and become an entrepreneur this study program is perfect for you! Kristinestad is a pioneer in renewable energy and one of the largest wind power producers in Finland. There are also advanced plans for a hydrogen gas/methane gas factory. In our study program in economy and entrepreneurship you can enlarge your knowledge in the future branches and technology. You will learn about circular economy, marketing and communication and entrepreneurship. In this study program we implement projects in which the students can make contacts and networks to the business world. You can take at most 3 courses in economy and entrepreneurship during your study time. However, we constantly develop this study program and hope that we can offer more courses in the near future (e.g. concerning video game development and renewable energy).

Internationalism and multilingualism – this study program is a multidisciplinary entity with separate courses in history, English, French and German. Many of the courses in this study program include interesting study excursions abroad. Our students have had the opportunity to visit e.g. USA, Great Britain, Island, Portugal, Israel, Bosnia, Croatia and Germany. You can take 16 courses in internationalism and multilingualism during your study time.

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Not available for applying at the moment