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We’re fortunate to be studying in a brand-new school building constructed entirely of Finnish logs. The space is bright, welcoming, and has outstanding acoustics, providing the perfect environment for learning.

However, what truly sets our school apart is its atmosphere. As a small high school, we cherish the value of togetherness. We’re the only school in our municipality, which means pupils of varying ages attend our institution. This has helped us create a tight-knit community where everyone knows each other, making it easier to form friendships. Our teachers and staff are friendly and approachable, and with only 10-25 students per course, they know all of us by name and have ample time to help us with any challenges during lessons.

Finland provides a free, healthy school lunch to all students daily. At our school, we’re fortunate to have a fantastic lunch made from fresh ingredients in our own school kitchen. The lunchroom is serene, providing a comfortable and peaceful environment to enjoy your meals.

Finland is blessed with all four seasons, giving us a unique outdoor experience. During winter, we enjoy skiing and ice skating on plenty of snow. In contrast, summer brings warm weather, perfect for swimming in the lakes. Our pristine environment, with clean air and plenty of forests, makes it easy to connect with nature. You can pick berries for free, and hiking, and playing football a common hobbies school provides an ideal opportunity for anyone who wants to live in a peaceful environment, surrounded by nature. We welcome you to join our friendly community and experience the unique atmosphere of our school.

The climate on average:
Month Average temperature and average rain (converted to water)
January -9.5 °C 40.7 mm
May 8.2 °C 39.2 mm
July 16.8°C 73.8 mm
October 3.5°C 62,4 mm

The school is situated 1 km away from the bus station, from where you can take a bus to Kuopio. The closest railway station is in Suonenjoki, which is 50 km away from Vesanto. It takes 4 hours to reach Helsinki from Suonenjoki by train, and 4.5 hours from Kuopio.

Distances to cities in Finland:
Vesanto – Suonenjoki 50 km
Vesanto – Kuopio 80 km
Vesanto – Jyväskylä 110 km
Vesanto – Helsinki 370 km
The school is in the center of the municipality.
School – health care center 2 km
School – restaurant 1 km
School – bus station 1 km
School – gym 0,1 km
School – parks and forest 0,1 km
School – rental apartments 0,1 -1,5 km

Additionally, we would like to inform you that the municipality offers free library cards to all residents, which can be used to borrow books, magazines, and other materials from the local library. Furthermore, there is a free gym located near the school, which is available to all residents.

Regarding expenses, we want to make sure you have an idea of the costs. Rent for apartments depends on the type of apartment you choose.

You can choose to have your own bedroom and share the living room and kitchen, which could cost 250-300€/month. If you prefer to share a bedroom, living room, and kitchen, that could cost around 150 – 200 €/month. In addition there are low fees for water and electricity. There is also sauna free to use.

The grocery store is located within a distance of 600-1000 meters from the apartment.

Moreover, we would like to inform you that we provide a range of free services to international students. These include tuition, laptops, lunch, learning materials, textbooks, e-learning platforms, healthcare, tutoring, and group study. In addition, we have a dedicated representative who supports young people in our community and is easily accessible to assist our international students.

Additional information
We are delighted to have international students studying at our school. Currently, we have 7 international students, and we look forward to welcoming more. Moreover, we have applied for the Erasmus project, which offers opportunities for European collaboration and trips to other European countries.

We are seeking enthusiastic students who are dedicated to learning and personal development. Our organization provides legislative services and counseling to help you succeed in your studies. Our core values revolve around unity and group camaraderie, which is why we arrange orientation events, youth clubs including sports, music clubs, and campaigns, as well as group outings that foster a sense of community among students from diverse backgrounds.

If you’re searching for a unique school environment in a peaceful and picturesque municipality, we invite you to consider our school. We look forward to meeting you!

Programme structure

Our school is a good upper secondary school, our mission is to offer high-quality teaching to our students. The line of studies is defined by the legislation and studies enable to apply to all universities and universities of applied sciences. The studies aim at the Finnish matriculation examination which is highly valued in Europe.

In addition to the general line of studies, we offer unique courses of our own. We offer two different demo courses in natural sciences, and they are organized in the Jyväskylä University’s Konnevesi Research Station. We also offer a hiking course, in which students are able to hike in some national parks or hiking routes in Finland.

In our school, we organize exceptionally many excursions to different destinations. For example, the University of Jyväskylä, theater, and other interesting attractions.

We have traditions of our own. For example, we have live music during the Prom dances. We organize several sports activities during the semester.

Demo courses in natural sciences are held in the Jyväskylä University’s Konnevesi Research Station and students stay there for two days. The school takes care of the costs. On the hiking course, students visit a national park or a hiking route. School offers also bus trips. In these courses, students learn a lot about science and nature and also spend a nice time with schoolmates.

Career opportunities

Students who graduated from our school apply to all universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland. The nearest university is the University of Eastern Finland (uef.fi) and the nearest university of applied sciences is Savonia (savonia.fi). We cooperate with several universities, but we have a special co-working bond with the University of Jyväskylä. Our students take part in science courses located in the natural science research center led by the university.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment