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Programme structure

In addition to General High School -programme and courses included in the national core curriculum, we offer a wide selection of local applied courses and opportunities to get credit for university courses, self studies and hobbies. All these local courses or courses arranged by eg. universities can be included in the 150 credit point study programme.

1) Online university courses suitable for high school students

2) STEM: teacher-led local advanced and applied study units in math, physics and chemistry.

3) Digital tools and creativity: teacher-led local applied study units in using digital tools, teacher-led Podcasting and Social Media Content Creation -courses, Everyone Can Create Music/Videos/Photography/Drawing on iPad (based on the Apple Education guides in Apple Books) -courses

4) Icehockey: 24 study units of ice-hockey consisting of five coach-led hours/week throughout the school year.

5) Other sports: individual training which is credited.

Not available for applying at the moment
Not available for applying at the moment